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Friday, 7 November 2014

Fix HDMI Overscan resolution when connecting to HDTV


Today PC became one of the most favorite entertainment tools, functioning as home HD media server, gaming platform and social tools on network. From my personal experience most newbie have problem with resolution when connecting PC to HDtv through HDMI connection.

Now straight to the point I don’t want you guys to get frustrated like me, google through the Nvidia, Intel and AMD sites without any success of solving the problem.

Solution is:

1. Do not alter any resolution setting on your PC unless necessary to match your HDtv resolution spec [usually GPU will detect HDtv resolution automatically] also never use GPU display scaling option to fix overscan or you end up with inaccurate image production.

2. On your HDtv go to resolution setting, I give an example LG-Tv use [Just Scan] while Toshiba-Tv use [Native] and Samsung use [Screen Fit] resolution setting.

[Different Brand may have different resolution mode just try any one of them until your screen fit]

3. Your Done easy rite ?  I don’t know if somebody ever put this on google before but for  me, honestly I’m experimenting this I got headache setting up HDtv on Raya celebration.

In some cases problem might happen like this :

1.       Audio are not sync with video “Lip-sync”

Solution :

Go to PC resolution setting in Nvidia [Nvidia control panel] in AMD [Catalyst center] regardless any of the them, just one thing for sure check the refresh rate make sure it matches your HDtv spec. Do remember 59Hz and 60Hz are not equal so if it is 60Hz make it 60.[Most HDtv are 60Hz]

2.       Image appear jagged and looks like an oil painting.

Solution :

This from my personal experience I’m using Toshiba CEVO LED-Tv, what I do is reduce the sharpness until the image is preferable also your need to play with the contrast setting.
[HDTv have good video processing sometimes reducing makes it better]

3.       Reddish Ghosting appear after playing games.

Solution :
Turn off the tv and turn it back I don’t know if your ever experienced this problem, but for me my Toshiba TV have this bug when playing at high frame rate games.

That’s it hopefully this will solves the problem when you connecting your PC to HDtv using HDMI cables.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Asus N56VZ audio tuning for Maxx3 software

After my Acer laptop broken, i'm planning to get a new laptop which is at lease stands for the next 3 years. The new Asus N series which equipped with Bang Olufsen Icepower technology got me attracted. Bang Olufsen are well-known danish Hi-Fi specialist, they mainly supply OEM audio equipment for Audi, Mclaren , BMW and Aston Martin. For a Malaysian, Bang Olufsen are really something new for most of them only Audiophile person may know the brand. I've compare several laptop built-in speakers sound produced mainly by Altec lansing such as HP, Asus itself  but seriously no doubt they've been blown by this Bang Olufsen Icepower audio.


I'm an audiophile person which is really interested in an audio reproduction technology. So no problem you can count on me in Asus N series audio quality. the sound of the N series is so warm and bright that it can simulate the nuances and reverb of a Piano. The vocal are so much clear especially if you test  track such as Norah Jones.However you cannot feel much boom from the external subwoofer which is supplied that is powered by the laptop itself, in my hearing opinion the subwoofer does not really play bass but more to mid bass which the main speaker unable to handle.

The 3" subwoofer is cased in a plastic matte.

When first take out from the box the sound from the laptop are loud, however it is not that much clear the mid/bass/treble is mixed, you need to tune the MAXX audio 3 setting which I'm gonna uploaded it for you.
The tuned setting are much clear in my opinion the treble/mid/bass are clear. The best about N56vz series is they are using high power amp 11watts (icepower) and large speakers 32mm vs  tiny 2watts and 18mm speaker on regular laptop. And what thats mean to you well it is not distorted even at full volume! . 

If you ever wonder how loud is the Asus N56vz speakers, then imagine that it can fill up a medium size classroom with sound, so far I've never heard a built in laptop speaker that is so loud like this, seems I've never heard the sound from Dell XPS15 powered by JBL speakers that claimed to be so loud. For me I've never listen to the real Bang Olufsen BeoLab5 speaker that said to be the best digital loudspeaker, however the tiny Bang Olufsen Technology in Asus N56vz tell me the whole story I guess I know how loud is BeoLab5.

The laptop body is made of scratch free coated aluminum to full fill the requirement of  Bang Olufsen built quality, while the bottom is a plastic.

The subwoofer proprietary jack from the left of the VGA port.

Asus N series come with a variety OEM audio brand, my advice be sure you choose the one with the Bang Olufsen Icepower, trust me you would not regret.

Here the setting ********************************************************************

<PresetXMLTree version="2">
      <Preset Name="Bang Olufsen" GenericType="RTMA">
            <PresetData Setup="CURRENT">
                  <Parameters Type="RealWorld">* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * 1 4 12.5 19 1 1 0
-15.199999999999999 296 3 1 0 -10.4 100 3 1
0 -6.2000000000000002 496 3 1 0 1.2 740 3
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* 0 0 2 0 -80 40 -140 12005
79.799999999999997 0 0 100 33 0 1 1 1
1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1227 1.4100000000000001
1 0 4.7000000000000002 2048 3 1 0 -7 3469
3 1 0 7.4000000000000004 5961 3 1 2 10.800000000000001
18526 1 0 1 99 100 0 0 0
0 </Parameters>



  1. Do not copy the "Here the setting" and "END" copy start from the <PresetXMLTree version="2"> till </PresetXMLTree>
  2. Paste it to notepad and rename it "whatyourwant" save it to ".xps" format, the file should look like this "whatyouwant.xps"
  3. Load the setting to Maxx3 Audio software.
  4. Then just locate where you store the "whatyouwant.xps"
  5. And you good to Go.

This is the latest interface of MaxxAudio3 after been updated to new driver software
* Unfortunately the setting can't be shared or loaded from the old one.

This is the tuning for SRS Audio Sandbox if used without external subwoofer much clarity than MaxxAudio3

If you have any comment on the setting please feel free to post a comment and share much better setting.
FYI: The external subwoofer does not support third party audio software such as SRS audio sandbox.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Altec Lansing MX6021 Full Review

After I first bought the Altec Lansing VS4121, I was impressed by the sound quality that it produces which make me a fan of Altec Lansing product which I was before a fan of SONY audio product, cause Altec Lansing speaker deliver more clarity audio and much crisp mid &  tweeter compare to SONY. When the latest Altec Lansing product came out the MX6021, I directly go to the market and bought it. It said to be capable to produce 200watt peak audio output and tri-amplified design (separate amp for Mids/Tweeter/Subwoofer) which make me more attracted.

 But after listening to it I was shocked that the sound is worst the Mids & Tweeter are overwhelm, the subwoofer is not that responsive which make it look like the subwoofer and Mids are separated brand. When you turn the volume up the Mids will much responsive than the subwoofer  which make the bass sound absent even you turn the bass to max. The Mids are much responsive, however they are easily distorted at high volume. After listening several hour I finally manage to tuned it.

Using SRS audio enhancement software i manage to balance the treble and the bass to the right level that suite me. Since audio are really subjective you can tune the sound to suite you,  diagram above show the tuning level that I'm using.

The Altec Lansing MX6021 specs are below:
Subwoofer = 6.5"inch 68watts@8ohm
Midranges = 3"inch 33watts@4ohm x 2
Tweeter = 1"inch 33watts@4ohm x 2
Total Output =200watts

The subwoofer driver cone's is made of paper  

The subwoofer Magnet 

Dismantled Altec Lansing MX6021 powered subwoofer

The Clarity of Altec Lansing MX6021

I've been used it, as my Workstation keyboard speaker

    Overall the Altec Lansing MX6021 is good at movie and live music such as orchestra and instrumental, the ability of it to produce full spectrum sound and good audio filter  make it possible to produce thrilling sound, but songs like hip-hop and RnB which you need much punchier bass the MX6021 is not a good option compare to VS4121. Hopefully soon Altec Lansing will come with much better speaker system.

If you have any comment or info please feel free to share.....   

Friday, 3 June 2011

Ha..ha finally found an easiest way to increase sound quality both cheap and expensive speaker in your Perodua Kenari side door speaker

After watching videos and studies a lot of side door speaker system in luxurious car and low quality non-enclosed  I've found out that even the low quality side door speaker found on Chevy Tahoe does not contain a piece of plastic crap as shown below...

in my opinion what this plastic cap do is to prevent user from installing side door speaker that have a huge magnet that will probably make contact with the auto window on the front door that may jam it. But in this case it cause the speaker to have inadequate space to produce good sound....so after I have removed the plastic cap IMHO it produce much punchier bass even though  it is hard to differentiate

 Kenari low quality side door speaker

....Perodua Kenari side door stock speaker does not have tweeter and incapable of handling much powerful bass therefore another way to improve the sound quality of the audio is to replace the stock speaker with a component system (may a bit expensive). This post may updated if any new info is available to share, My car is Perodua Kenari.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


This is an interesting horror story if  you don't understand the language please use Google translate ...

Kisah ini berlaku tidak lama begitu di politeknik Mukah semasa saya sem 3.
Pada suatu malam Khamis saya bersama seorang senior sem 5 'Nazmi', kami melepak-lepak lalu saya menceritakan cerita seram kepada Nazmi lalu dia pun rancak membuka cerita yang sama. Berbagai-bagai cerita-cerita seram yang kami kongsi...ada cerita dari Sabah dan ada pula dari Sarawak.

........Cerita punya cerita jam sudah pukul 1.50 pagi Nazmi pun penat dia pun balik kebiliknya cuaca hari tu kurang baik ribut petir,lalu saya pun mematikan komputer dan speaker saya lalu tidur. Entah kenapa saya rasa malam tu pelik betul macam susah mau tidur...banyak budak berteriakan ,kilat sambung-menyambung eh...aneh betullah. Saya cuba juga untuk tidur, tetapi hati saya sentiasa memikirkan kepelikan malam itu "kenapa ada pula burung yang berkicauan jam 4.30 pagi ni " ahh..tidur jak lah dalam hati saya.

Sejam kemudian Azan Subuh kedengaran bercampur dengan bunyi petir lalu roommate saya pun turun ke Surau tetapi suara budak-budak berteriakan seolah-olah berpesta masih kedengaran kebiasaannya budak yang main Dota.

Tiba-tiba badan saya terasa amat-amat sejuk dan saya dapat merasakan ada kehadiran sesuatu disekeliling saya tapi tidak kelihatan, lalu saya cuba memberanikan diri berjalan kearah suis lampu tetapi badan saya terasa sangat lemah. Saya cuba juga untuk menghidupkan lampu tersebut setelah saya lihat tiada apa disekeliling saya semuanya kelihatan biasa...lepas tu naluri saya kuat berkata, "pergi keluar sana dan lihat sesuatu" saya pun buat-buat berani pergi ketandas ...semasa saya buka pintu tu terasa keadaan yang sangat sejuk, lepas berjalan beberapa langkah untuk ketandas saya terhenti di depan bilik seorang kawan saya 'Sharul' melihat Lembaga hitam menyerupai bentuk badan manusia melintas di depan saya....ianya berlaku sekelip mata  saya tidak mampu teriak, lari, lagilah berdoa pun tidak lepas. Sejurus itu saya bergegas ke tandas mencuci muka dan balik ke bilik .Selepas saja sampai di bilik, saya hidupkan komputer dan speaker saya lalu mainkan lagu R&B  dengan Vol yang penuh dan bermain permainan Counter Strike untuk menghilangkan rasa takut itu, mungkin ramai student tidak perasaan dengan bunyi speaker tersebut kerana mungkin terlelap kalau ada yang perasaan maaf sangat dan yang peliknya mana datang suara budak-budak yang berteriakan sedangkan tiada seorang di bilik reakreasi bermain permainan Dota.

Keesokan paginya masa saya ke pekan dengan Nazmi saya menceritakan kesemua yang berlaku malam tadi....dia terkejut juga tetapi dia berkata tiada apa-apa yang pelik berlaku dengan dia. Tiga hari lepas tu Nazmi memberitahu saya dia mengalami pengalaman yang sama semasa ingin ketandas, dia terdengar suara seorang perempuan menangis di sebelah tandas. Kemungkinan hal ini berlaku kerana makluk tersebut rasa tercabar dengan perbualan kami di malam hari...

So apapun ia menjadi pengajaranlah kepada kami, janganlah bercerita benda-benda macam tu di tempat yang keras.

"Kisah ini adalah benar semata-mata"
"This is a true story based on what author experienced"                           

 Author: IKMAL 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to fix deleted wininit.exe & wininet.dll

deleting wininit.exe cause your computer unable logon windows .One of the reason why people delete wininit.exe program is because their believed it is a virus, well wininit.exe is a program that should be in windows and to make windows functional.Some virus may using wininit,exe name as their process ID in task manager to make people think it is a normal operation .How to know the real wininit.exe  well here how to know it  open 'task managers' <ctrl+shift+esc>  than go to process you need to click 'show processes from all users' at the below, then try to end wininit.exe process, if display warning like picture below
then it is the real wininit.exe process by windows. If your computer always prompted by firewall that wininit.exe try to accessing a sites or you end wininit.exe process without no warning that shown above and the wininit exe file are not located at c:\Windows\Sytem32 that it may possible it is a Bymer Trojan virus that display as WININIT.exe.

this tutorial not teach you how to remove a Bymer tojan but how to recover deleted wininit.exe in your computer it works for my computer but i cannot guaranteed work 100% successfull  on your computer.

since computer will fail to logon if wininit.exe deleted here the way how recover it

1.first try to use startup repair
 if still fail go to next step..

2.Try to remove your hard disk to another computer that using the same operating system example mine (windows 7) then copy both 'wininit.exe' and 'wininet.dll' file at c:\Windows\Sytem32 from the other computer (if fail try to use any other method to make that both file in your hard disk ) than paste it to your  'c:\Windows\Sytem32'  hard disk.

3.Install your hard disk back to your computer and start it up , it will fail but after reboot select launch startup repair then that will fix the problem you will able to logon as normal

note:: attempting startup repair may take longer time especially fixing deleted or broken file so be patient.

As there are many way to fix deleted wininit.exe and wininet.dll , I'd recommend you to first google it before you using this method

hopefully this is helpful...

Monday, 2 May 2011

what piano brand produce the most realism sound that a Grand piano could have..

it is....the KURZWEIL PC3x................
for keyboarder out there  the search for ultimate work station is over,,,get it yourself.....

Listen to Canon in D song played on Kurzweil PC3x does it sound the same Yanni's grand piano

Now listen how much clarity that a Kurzweil PC3x produces ...all the nuances and expressions of a real 8' 11 Grand Piano