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Friday, 7 November 2014

Fix HDMI Overscan resolution when connecting to HDTV


Today PC became one of the most favorite entertainment tools, functioning as home HD media server, gaming platform and social tools on network. From my personal experience most newbie have problem with resolution when connecting PC to HDtv through HDMI connection.

Now straight to the point I don’t want you guys to get frustrated like me, google through the Nvidia, Intel and AMD sites without any success of solving the problem.

Solution is:

1. Do not alter any resolution setting on your PC unless necessary to match your HDtv resolution spec [usually GPU will detect HDtv resolution automatically] also never use GPU display scaling option to fix overscan or you end up with inaccurate image production.

2. On your HDtv go to resolution setting, I give an example LG-Tv use [Just Scan] while Toshiba-Tv use [Native] and Samsung use [Screen Fit] resolution setting.

[Different Brand may have different resolution mode just try any one of them until your screen fit]

3. Your Done easy rite ?  I don’t know if somebody ever put this on google before but for  me, honestly I’m experimenting this I got headache setting up HDtv on Raya celebration.

In some cases problem might happen like this :

1.       Audio are not sync with video “Lip-sync”

Solution :

Go to PC resolution setting in Nvidia [Nvidia control panel] in AMD [Catalyst center] regardless any of the them, just one thing for sure check the refresh rate make sure it matches your HDtv spec. Do remember 59Hz and 60Hz are not equal so if it is 60Hz make it 60.[Most HDtv are 60Hz]

2.       Image appear jagged and looks like an oil painting.

Solution :

This from my personal experience I’m using Toshiba CEVO LED-Tv, what I do is reduce the sharpness until the image is preferable also your need to play with the contrast setting.
[HDTv have good video processing sometimes reducing makes it better]

3.       Reddish Ghosting appear after playing games.

Solution :
Turn off the tv and turn it back I don’t know if your ever experienced this problem, but for me my Toshiba TV have this bug when playing at high frame rate games.

That’s it hopefully this will solves the problem when you connecting your PC to HDtv using HDMI cables.

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