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Friday, 3 June 2011

Ha..ha finally found an easiest way to increase sound quality both cheap and expensive speaker in your Perodua Kenari side door speaker

After watching videos and studies a lot of side door speaker system in luxurious car and low quality non-enclosed  I've found out that even the low quality side door speaker found on Chevy Tahoe does not contain a piece of plastic crap as shown below...

in my opinion what this plastic cap do is to prevent user from installing side door speaker that have a huge magnet that will probably make contact with the auto window on the front door that may jam it. But in this case it cause the speaker to have inadequate space to produce good sound....so after I have removed the plastic cap IMHO it produce much punchier bass even though  it is hard to differentiate

 Kenari low quality side door speaker

....Perodua Kenari side door stock speaker does not have tweeter and incapable of handling much powerful bass therefore another way to improve the sound quality of the audio is to replace the stock speaker with a component system (may a bit expensive). This post may updated if any new info is available to share, My car is Perodua Kenari.

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