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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to fix deleted wininit.exe & wininet.dll

deleting wininit.exe cause your computer unable logon windows .One of the reason why people delete wininit.exe program is because their believed it is a virus, well wininit.exe is a program that should be in windows and to make windows functional.Some virus may using wininit,exe name as their process ID in task manager to make people think it is a normal operation .How to know the real wininit.exe  well here how to know it  open 'task managers' <ctrl+shift+esc>  than go to process you need to click 'show processes from all users' at the below, then try to end wininit.exe process, if display warning like picture below
then it is the real wininit.exe process by windows. If your computer always prompted by firewall that wininit.exe try to accessing a sites or you end wininit.exe process without no warning that shown above and the wininit exe file are not located at c:\Windows\Sytem32 that it may possible it is a Bymer Trojan virus that display as WININIT.exe.

this tutorial not teach you how to remove a Bymer tojan but how to recover deleted wininit.exe in your computer it works for my computer but i cannot guaranteed work 100% successfull  on your computer.

since computer will fail to logon if wininit.exe deleted here the way how recover it

1.first try to use startup repair
 if still fail go to next step..

2.Try to remove your hard disk to another computer that using the same operating system example mine (windows 7) then copy both 'wininit.exe' and 'wininet.dll' file at c:\Windows\Sytem32 from the other computer (if fail try to use any other method to make that both file in your hard disk ) than paste it to your  'c:\Windows\Sytem32'  hard disk.

3.Install your hard disk back to your computer and start it up , it will fail but after reboot select launch startup repair then that will fix the problem you will able to logon as normal

note:: attempting startup repair may take longer time especially fixing deleted or broken file so be patient.

As there are many way to fix deleted wininit.exe and wininet.dll , I'd recommend you to first google it before you using this method

hopefully this is helpful...


  1. Tahniah blog yang mantap dan berisi fakta yang tepat..teruskan...
    bekas room mate

  2. Thanks bang, Blog abang pun sama padat dengan teknologi terkini..