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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Asus N56VZ audio tuning for Maxx3 software

After my Acer laptop broken, i'm planning to get a new laptop which is at lease stands for the next 3 years. The new Asus N series which equipped with Bang Olufsen Icepower technology got me attracted. Bang Olufsen are well-known danish Hi-Fi specialist, they mainly supply OEM audio equipment for Audi, Mclaren , BMW and Aston Martin. For a Malaysian, Bang Olufsen are really something new for most of them only Audiophile person may know the brand. I've compare several laptop built-in speakers sound produced mainly by Altec lansing such as HP, Asus itself  but seriously no doubt they've been blown by this Bang Olufsen Icepower audio.


I'm an audiophile person which is really interested in an audio reproduction technology. So no problem you can count on me in Asus N series audio quality. the sound of the N series is so warm and bright that it can simulate the nuances and reverb of a Piano. The vocal are so much clear especially if you test  track such as Norah Jones.However you cannot feel much boom from the external subwoofer which is supplied that is powered by the laptop itself, in my hearing opinion the subwoofer does not really play bass but more to mid bass which the main speaker unable to handle.

The 3" subwoofer is cased in a plastic matte.

When first take out from the box the sound from the laptop are loud, however it is not that much clear the mid/bass/treble is mixed, you need to tune the MAXX audio 3 setting which I'm gonna uploaded it for you.
The tuned setting are much clear in my opinion the treble/mid/bass are clear. The best about N56vz series is they are using high power amp 11watts (icepower) and large speakers 32mm vs  tiny 2watts and 18mm speaker on regular laptop. And what thats mean to you well it is not distorted even at full volume! . 

If you ever wonder how loud is the Asus N56vz speakers, then imagine that it can fill up a medium size classroom with sound, so far I've never heard a built in laptop speaker that is so loud like this, seems I've never heard the sound from Dell XPS15 powered by JBL speakers that claimed to be so loud. For me I've never listen to the real Bang Olufsen BeoLab5 speaker that said to be the best digital loudspeaker, however the tiny Bang Olufsen Technology in Asus N56vz tell me the whole story I guess I know how loud is BeoLab5.

The laptop body is made of scratch free coated aluminum to full fill the requirement of  Bang Olufsen built quality, while the bottom is a plastic.

The subwoofer proprietary jack from the left of the VGA port.

Asus N series come with a variety OEM audio brand, my advice be sure you choose the one with the Bang Olufsen Icepower, trust me you would not regret.

Here the setting ********************************************************************

<PresetXMLTree version="2">
      <Preset Name="Bang Olufsen" GenericType="RTMA">
            <PresetData Setup="CURRENT">
                  <Parameters Type="RealWorld">* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * 1 4 12.5 19 1 1 0
-15.199999999999999 296 3 1 0 -10.4 100 3 1
0 -6.2000000000000002 496 3 1 0 1.2 740 3
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* 0 0 2 0 -80 40 -140 12005
79.799999999999997 0 0 100 33 0 1 1 1
1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1227 1.4100000000000001
1 0 4.7000000000000002 2048 3 1 0 -7 3469
3 1 0 7.4000000000000004 5961 3 1 2 10.800000000000001
18526 1 0 1 99 100 0 0 0
0 </Parameters>



  1. Do not copy the "Here the setting" and "END" copy start from the <PresetXMLTree version="2"> till </PresetXMLTree>
  2. Paste it to notepad and rename it "whatyourwant" save it to ".xps" format, the file should look like this "whatyouwant.xps"
  3. Load the setting to Maxx3 Audio software.
  4. Then just locate where you store the "whatyouwant.xps"
  5. And you good to Go.

This is the latest interface of MaxxAudio3 after been updated to new driver software
* Unfortunately the setting can't be shared or loaded from the old one.

This is the tuning for SRS Audio Sandbox if used without external subwoofer much clarity than MaxxAudio3

If you have any comment on the setting please feel free to post a comment and share much better setting.
FYI: The external subwoofer does not support third party audio software such as SRS audio sandbox.